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Now, before people get completely the wrong end of the stick and start saying that Lucas’ sequel trilogy would have been entirely set in the microbiotic world, that’s not what he’s saying here. Key elements would have referred to the wider concepts offered by exploring the whills and other Force related elements, just as early drafts of The Empire Strikes Back and most famously The Phantom Menace delved into the mechanics of the all-powerful Force.

From the companion book to the James Cameron’s Story of Science Fiction series, Lucas had the chance to elaborate on what his focus would have been, had he not opted to sell Lucasfilm to Disney almost 6 years ago.

“They were going to get into a microbioticworld. But there’s this world of creatures that operate differently than we do. I call them the Whills. And the Whills are the ones who actually control the universe. They feed off the Force.”

“If I’d held onto the company I could have done it, and then it would have been done. Of course, a lot of fans would have hated it, just like they did Phantom Menace and everything, but at least the whole story from beginning to end would be told.”

Of course, a lot of fans would have hated it, just like they did Phantom Menace and everything.” How regrettable, that George should have sold his creation believing that its conclusion would have led to fans hating it. In today’s climate that’s expected – hate is never justified or welcome, but to be expected – but to hear the man behind the saga say it all these years later hits a very raw nerve.