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He’s the director behind Cop Land (the film that should have won Sylvester Stallone the Best Actor award that year), Girl, Interrupted (which saw Angelina Jolie win Best Supporting Actress), Walk The Line (Best Actor and Actress awards to Joachim Phoenix and Reese Witherspoon) and the supreme Logan, which should have seen wins for Hugh Jackman and Sir Patrick Stewart. Why am I listing James Mangolds undoubted talents and ability to lead his cast to huge success? Because gossip has him as the man in the big chair for the hotly rumoured Boba Fett standalone. All well and good but Mangold is keen to make it clear that he’s signed on to nothing.

That seems pretty unequivocal, but earlier today he posted this tweet, in reply to a tweet from Twitter user @Jenklens_ who said smartly “I’d watch a movie of two squirrels fighting if it was directed by you”. Mangolds reply:

We have a feeling this story will run and run, so mark those calendars for Squirrel Fight, coming your way in 2020.