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Jon Favreau has voiced the character of Paz Vizla in chapter three of ‘The Mandalorian.’  He previously voiced the similar named Mandalorian, Pre Vizsla in the animated The Clone Wars TV show. The character was acted by MMA fighter, Tait Fletcher.

He’s voiced by series creator Favreau, but performed by Tait Fletcher, the real-life MMA fighter and John Wick villain who played the bearded cantina tough guy in the opening scene of Chapter One.

Favreau previously voiced the Mandalorian warlord known as Pre Vizsla in the animated series The Clone Wars, and the credits reveal that this new character is named Paz Vizla—a slightly different spelling of the last name (perhaps a mistake?) but too close to be coincidence. This has to be someone from the House of Vizsla, and a nod toward Favreau’s earlier character.

There’s also a bit of Iron Man to Paz, who flies alongside the Mandalorian’s starship at the end, using his rocket pack. “I gotta get one of those,” Mando mutters to himself. (Favreau, of course, directed Iron Man and Iron Man 2.)