UK tabloid newspaper The Sun is reporting that production on the new Star Wars Disney+ series and the latest Jurassic World movie at Pinewood Studios has been halted with staff sent home for at least a month.

Workers at the world-famous site, which is also the home of the James Bond films, were told to leave because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Productions thought to have been affected include a Star Wars spin-off starring Obi-Wan Kenobi, which is being made for new streaming service Disney+.

The latest Jurassic World movie, Dominion, is also now believed to be on hold because of the spread of the disease across the UK.

However, Pinewood remains open for business and it is not known if other films on the site have been shut down, or if staff have been allowed to continue working.

A source told The Sun Online: “Filming just stopped today and staff were sent home.

“Staff are being told the productions will now be one hold for 30 days starting from next Monday.”

A spokesperson for Pinewood declined to comment on individual productions when contacted by The Sun Online today.

However, they said: “Pinewood Group are continuing to follow guidance set out by the Government, and the studios remain fully operational.”

The cease in production is as yet unconfirmed but during these unprecedented times would come as no surprise.  Pre-production on the upcoming Obi-Wan, and Cassian Andor TV series have both taken place at Pinewood in recent weeks, as well as the upcoming Indiana Jones 5 movie.  Expectations would be that all three productions are now in a period of hold.