It made $1,332.5 billion at the worldwide box office, making it the number one film of 2017 both domestically and worldwide (overseas Beauty and the Beast topped it with $759.5 beating out Jedi with $712.4) and now figures show that The Last Jedi is smashing it on blu-ray as well.

So far the film has shifted 3,019,432 units, bringing in an additional $69,409,409 in the States alone, well ahead of the number two title Black Panther. While Panther squeezed past Jedi at the worldwide and domestic box office ($1,346.8 for Panther worldwide ahead of $1,332.5 for Jedi) it’s some distance behind Jedi in sales.

Meanwhile, the film has moved $15,309,461 in DVD sales for a US home video total of $84,718,870.

By way of comparison, and bearing in mind the shift in format preferences and a gap of almost 3 years, The Force Awakens had estimated domestic DVD Sales of $38,400,339 and estimated blu-ray sales of $151,517,412 for a home video total of $189,917,751. However, it must be noted that The Force Awakens is the 3rd highest grossing film of all time, with box office figures dwarfing that of The Last Jedi. Awakens brought in $936,662,225 domestically, the highest grossing movie by far in North America, it’s the fifth biggest film of all time internationally with $1,121,938,995 and as mentioned is the 3rd highest grossing film ever behind Titanic and Avatar with $2,058,601,220.

As it stands, The Last Jedi is the 27th biggest selling blu-ray in the United States, just ahead of Star Wars: The Complete Saga (Episodes I-VI) in 28th place with 3,004,168 ($261,130,524, by far the highest grossing title on the list). 24th place is held by Star Wars: The Original Trilogy with sales of 3,058,104 ($126,721,835), Rogue One in 22nd place with 3,105,929 ($66,168,520) and The Force Awakens in 4th place with 5,927,719 ($151,517,412). The all-time number one is Frozen, with a massive 7,577,907 ($160,282,822)

Now the focus shifts to Solo: A Star Wars Story, to see if the criminally under-appreciated film can find the audience on blu-ray that it richly deserved at the box office. While Avengers: Infinity War has a good chance of catching The Last Jedi it will be fascinating to see how Solo fares.