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The Mandalorian has led Disney+ to an impressive debut with 26.5 million subscribers just two months after the launch of the service.  Disney CEO Bob Iger said the service has “exceeded even our greatest expectations.”

Disney+ now has 26.5 million subscribers, which is up from the 10 million sign-ups it registered for the service after it launched November 12. CEO Bob Iger said on the company’s earnings call that by Monday, that number had climbed to 28.6 million subscribers. Disney said the average monthly revenue per paid Disney user was $5.56.

About 20% of subscribers who signed up for Disney+ did so through a free trial with Verizon, Iger said. Roughly 50% of subscribers signed up for the service through the Disney+ site and “many of them have bought a year-long service or even a three-year” subscription, Iger added.

Iger added that “both conversion from free to pay and churn rate were better than expected.” Churn refers to the pace at which users sign up for and cancel subscriptions.

This level of subscribers takes Disney+ close to Disney owned Hulu’s 30 million, but still far behind HBO’s 140 minion, and Netflix’s 165 million.  The fledging Disney+ will expand into further international markets beginning March 2020.