We’ve only recently been treated to the second trailer for The Last Jedi, after the first blew us away at Celebration Orlando back in April. According to the BBFC, a third 91 second long trailer will be heading our way before the release of the film in 49 days time.

Will it feature unseen footage or rehash what we’ve seen before? And if it does arrive, what film will it be attached to? If attached to a fellow Disney release then we only have Coco from Pixar to hook it on to. Not a bad pairing.

A new listing from the British Board of Film Classification indicates that a brand new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to debut soon.

The new trailer is reported to run for 91 seconds, about a minute shy of the epic new trailer that debuted during ESPN’s presentation of Monday Night Football. There’s no word on what to expect in the new trailer, though fans should expect to see it popping up in UK cinemas soon.