The latest version of the Star Wars: Legion Rules Reference is now available – this update comes ready for the World Championships at Adepticon 2020 from March 25-29. Developer Luke Eddy explains all.

Hello, Legion players!

Whether you’re playing or tuning in to watch live, I hope everyone is excited for the upcoming Star Wars: Legion World Championships, I certainly am! Ahead of that event, and the upcoming release of new units for the Clone Wars factions, we’re proud to release an update to the Star Wars: Legion rules reference document. I’d like to take a few minutes to walk you through a couple of the important changes in this update.

As a game developer, a living rules reference is an amazing tool at our disposal. It allows us to add exciting new content, make necessary rules changes, rebalance existing units, and clarify interactions that the community has questions about. As the players, you reap the benefits of a constantly evolving and improving game experience. The strength of Legion as a game system is the simplicity of its core mechanics working alongside the complexity of its strategies and interactions; with this in mind, there are several minor but substantive changes in this update that will have a significant impact on the game, but might be easy to miss on a casual reading of the updated rules reference.

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SOURCEFantasy Flight Games
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