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The Skirmish format offers new strategies and new opportunities for creative army building  in Star Wars Legion – Alex Davy takes us through this new format for the best-selling game.

“What difference does it make who started the war and who only wants to end it? No side is free of fault. It takes two to fight.”
–Tee Watt Kaa, Star Wars: The Clone Wars

Developer Alex Davy on the New Star Wars: Legion Format

Greetings, Star Wars: Legion players!

I’m pleased to announce an official new format for Star Wars: Legion—Skirmish games!

Skirmish games are played over the course of five rounds on a three-foot by three-foot battlefield, utilizing a new deck of twelve battle cards optimized for small-format play. This is the Star Wars: Legion experience stripped down to its very essence, a framework without an ounce of fat on it. Even so, it requires just as much tactical acumen, careful planning, and risk-taking as a standard game of Star Wars: Legion. I believe that players will have plenty to discover with the depth of this format!

The Skirmish format also offers new strategies and new opportunities for creative army building. Force-wielding heroes and villains are mightier than ever, but gobble up an even bigger percentage of your overall army size. Deadly short-range units like Fleet Troopers and Scout Troopers can come to grips with their foes more quickly, and heavy vehicles like the AT-ST and the AAT Trade Federation Battle Tank can impact the game in a major way from the start of the very first round. In short, it’s a whole new wargame to explore!