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Everything gets better with experience, and battle-hardened veterans are what you need on your side. Fantasy Flight Games preview the Rebel Veterans Unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion.

The first transport is away!”
–Lieutenant Romas Navander, Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Many of those who fight for the Rebel Alliance have little actual military experience, joining up based on their hatred of the Empire alone. Others, however, have honed their instincts in the trenches, enduring countless hopeless battles on desolate worlds in the name of the Alliance. Soon, you’ll be able to reinforce your Rebel armies with the most experienced soldiers the Rebellion can offer.

Armed with little more than their blaster rifles and grim determination, Rebel Veterans are often assigned the hardest and most vital jobs in the war against the Empire. Within this expansion, you’ll find seven unique, unpainted Rebel Veteran miniatures to add to your collection, including a Mark II Medium Blaster Trooper miniature that can be deployed as a detachment, offering valuable fire support to all of your units. Accompanying these miniatures are two unit cards, a selection of upgrade cards to outfit your veterans with new weapons and gear, and all the tokens you need to add them to your Rebel armies!

Fantasy Flight Games FFG Rebel Pathfinders Unit Expansion, Multicolor
  • A unit Expansion for Star Wars: Legion
  • Infiltrate enemy lines and set up devastating ambushes with a Squad of Elite Rebel Pathfinders
  • An assortment of PA cards gives your Rebel Pathfinders additional options in combat and introduces heavy weapons miniatures who can lead the squad
  • Contains six unpainted, easily assembled Rebel Pathfinder miniatures with all the cards and tokens you need to add them to your armies