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Fantasy Flight Games preview skirmish options in Tyrants of Lothal for Imperial Assault. There’s a new map, fifteen deployment cards, five command cards, and the cast of Star Wars: Rebels. Cool. Cool cool cool.

While Tyrants of Lothal, the newest expansion for Imperial Assault, sees players teaming up to take down the Imperials, not all battles can be won through cooperation. Accordingly, this expansion also offers new options for fans of the skirmish game mode. The wastes of Lothal are a battleground, and they’re the perfect place to pit your strike team and your tactical mastery against your opponent in the Star Wars galaxy!

Tyrants of Lothal presents skirmish players with a new map, fifteen new deployment cards, five new command cards, and more, as you bring the new heroes of Tyrants of Lothal to your skirmish game with deadly new tactics and ways to play! And of course, joining these heroes is the cast of Star Wars: Rebels, ready to join the fight in the Rebel, Imperial, and Mercenary factions!

We’ll take a closer look at the heroes and villains of Star Wars: Rebels in our future previews of their Ally Packs and VIllain Packs, but you can join us today as we preview the skirmish options found in Tyrants of Lothal!