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There’s been a lot of attention on EA and Dice recently regarding Battlefront II. Controversy aside, there’s a lot of work and creativity that went into the development of the game and Lucasfilm was involved every step of the way.


GamesBeat, the gaming arm of News and media website VentureBeat, had a conversation with Douglas Reilly, the Lucasfilm brand boss, and they talked about the working relationship between the developers and the owners of the licence.

“In general, we’ll have weekly meetings between the production teams and the marketing teams, with either EA in Redwood Shores or the individual teams in Stockholm and Montreal and Vancouver, wherever they have studios,” said Reilly. “We have weekly meetings. Then we regularly go and visit in person, probably once a quarter, to sit with them, play builds of the games, walk through progress and where we’re going in the future. We’re constantly talking, meeting, and engaging with them in a very collaborative way.”

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