LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga designed discussed how different the forthcoming game is from previous versions in the LEGO series in issue 184 of The Official PlayStation Magazine.

“Not only is it the biggest game we have made but it was also built from the ground up with a new engine… We’ve incorporated several new gameplay features such as ADS (aiming down sight) shooting, a brand-new upgrade system, and a more in-depth quest system which features not only more elaborate and ridiculous quest chains but a whole new tracking system on your datapad with which to engage with the quests, and the ability to do multiple quests simultaneously.”

“Each planet has its own local space where various events take place, such as quests which have ventured off-world, but these open spaces also gave us opportunity to explore the spaceship combat that serves in many of the most memorable Star Wars scenes. So, for example, when you are flying around Tatooine you might enter a contested area and find a dogfight taking place where Rebel soldiers are locked in a battle with the Empire, and you can pick the side you help. One of our biggest new space features is also a part of the random encounter system, the capital ships. If the player is intercepted by a capital ship they can fight to disable the huge ships and then board them!”

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga - PlayStation 5
  • Fly freely through the galaxy to discover many of the saga's most legendary locations
  • Switch between films at will
  • This is the ultimate LEGO Star Wars experience