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It’s often overlooked, how vital the soundscape of Star Wars is to immersing ourselves in the GFFA. Battlefront 2 is every it as part of the galaxy as any film or TV episode and EA run us through the aural experience, with examples of how they were created.

“Sound is 50 percent of the movie-going experience.”

This principle is epitomized by one of the richest and most recognizable audio libraries in entertainment history – that of Star Wars™. It’s not only the iconic scores, it’s just as much the sounds of a firing blaster, an igniting lightsaber, and a roaring TIE fighter that are firmly embedded in pop-culture’s collective hive-mind.

Honoring this legacy in Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II was key for the game’s release, and has been an ongoing effort throughout the two-plus years of content updates.

Adopting existing sounds from the Lucasfilm archives is, of course, at the foundation, but there are many creative methods an audio designer needs to utilize in transferring the soundscape of Star Wars into a video game. Often, to meet the unique additions and requirements of the interactive environments presented, the audio team needs to create – or recreate – a sound from scratch.

The full article gives more sounds and visits to a variety of worlds, so head on over and get those headphones on.

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