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Star Wars Battlefront II continues to expand and add additional characters, including the manipulative malevolence of Count Dooku, as voiced by Corey Burton.

Corey Burton is a veteran voice-actor with seemingly endless credits, but fans of Star Wars™ might know him best as Count Dooku in The Clone Wars animated series. The intimidating Sith Lord is coming to Star Wars™ Battlefront™ II in January and will be pitted against Anakin Skywalker – voiced by Matt Lanter – the month after.

Corey describes Count Dooku as a devil-in-disguise of sorts, with an impressive, well-versed, and gentlemanly surface, covering a volcanic monstrosity out to put the galaxy in his pocket. Playing Count Dooku is much about letting hints of his duplicitous personality leak through.

“It’s the internal simmering evil, the darkness, covered by sophisticated eloquence and magnanimous generosity. ‘I’m just here to make things better for you,’” Corey says, falling into Dooku’s deep, menacing voice (to our great delight, Corey did this throughout the conversation).

“There are scenes (in Star Wars Battlefront II) where the character is in command and strong. But, there are certainly times when the character is under threat. And of course, Dooku’s persona is to completely downplay any sense of weakness or fear. Well, to make it invisible, really, because he is all powerful,” Corey explains.

“Still, you can give away little grains of honest, human emotion, discomfort, fear. But, it is buried away deep inside. He would never overtly express any lack of absolute confidence.”

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