Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic: Music from the game

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It’s May the 4th and Star Wars: The Old Republic bring us music from the game, including compositions from Jesse Harlin, Mark Griskey, Madison Denbrock, Sam Smythe, Henri Wilkenson and Gordy Haab.

Unyielding Grudges Composed by: Jesse Harlin, Mark Griskey & Madison Denbrock

The Burgeoning War Composed by: Jesse Harlin & Mark Griskey

Onderon, The Lush Overgrowth Composed by: Jesse Harlin

Mek-Sha, The Waypoint Composed by: Jesse Harlin

Ossus, The Victim Composed by: Jesse Harlin & Mark Griskey

The End in the Stars Composed by: Jesse Harlin

Makeb, The Secluded Jewel Composed by: Mark Griskey

Reclaiming the Throne Composed by: Mark Griskey and Gordy Haab

The Twisted Empress Composed by: Jesse Harlin, Gordy Haab, Mark Griskey, and Henri Wilkenson

ARIES and the Megaliths Composed by: Jesse Harlin, Sam Smythe, and Gordy Haab

Seeds of Conflict Composed by: Henri Wilkenson, Gordy Haab, and Jesse Harlin

Nathema, the Tortured Void Composed by: Jesse Harlin and Gordy Haab

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  • Audience Rating: PG-13 (Parents Strongly Cautioned)