Last week the team at Her Universe showed a sneak preview of what was coming up at this year’s Star Wars Celebration, releasing images on their Instagram story. We took a few screenshots, so let the guessing begin!

Everything below is pure speculation and guesswork. We know absolutely nothing about the range, but let’s go through this and have some fun! Let’s begin with an easy one!

The Tico sisters necklace is printed on material that appears to be a similar colour to the jumpsuit worn by Rose. Does this mean we will see a utility style dress or shirt?

I believe this is the inside of a jacket perhaps styled to be like General leia’s fabulous cloak in The Last Jedi. With the zip detail and the grey and white check tweed/twill/dogtooth pattern I believe it lends itself to a jacket suitable for winter/Spring!

This photo is obviously linked to Star Wars Rebels‘ Hera Syndulla, as the pattern on the material is the same as the one on her Lekku (headtails).

Looking at the material and how the pieces are stitched together I’m thinking sweatshirt or hoodie.

The next one is interesting. Could this be a dress we could wear to the many parties at Celebration?

It is of course in the style of the lake dress worn in Attack Of The Clones. The material in this looks chiffon and flowing – perhaps it could be a cloak of sorts with the clasp being the Naboo Emblem/ Royal Crest?

We see the symbol of Naboo again in this photo which HAS to be a hoodie for Padme! It looks like the colours graduate down in the style of the lake dress! Something to celebrate the Original Prequels!

This one has me stuck a little! Is it Sabine, or is it Padme related? Also WHAT is it? Is it a faux leather jacket? Possibly a bag? Again this has me stumped! Thoughts please, you’re my only hope!

Last but by no means least these are clearly a pair of ballet pumps in the style of The First Order. However, has anyone else thought  that the emblem is way too over the lip of the shoe and might dig in when walking, or is that me overthinking it?

Let us know your thoughts about what these photos mean, and let’s see how close we are to the identity of these items as we approach Celebration.