As anyone who enjoyed Episode VII knows only too well, the real star of The Force Awakens wasn’t Rey, Poe, Finn or Kylo but the stoic lawkeeper patrolling Nima Outpost, the humourless guardian of justice who stood alone against the darkness. That man was Constable Zuvio, and this is The Zuveum.

A shrine to the star of The Force Awakens, The Zuveum will be opening to the public on 29th June and here is the official press release.


Finally, we can announce that first? Best? hopefully only! Museum dedicated to the Star of Star Wars: The Force Awakens “Constable Zuvio” is opening.

“The Zuveum” contains many Zuvio related items that it’s unlikely have been seen in public before and certainly not all in the same place. Some exhibits are exclusive to “The Zuveum” which will really be a treat for fans of the good Constable to finally get to see.

You can contact “The Zuveum” through the following social media channels:



Twitter: @Zuveum

Instagram: thezuveum

Thank you for your time and we look forward to welcoming you to our ground-breaking “Zuveum”