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I recently had a very interesting conversation with Brian Smith (Freelance Illustrator / Comic Book Artist / Cartoonist) about a George Lucas comic book cover he drew.

The physical comic itself (pictured below) has eluded collectors for over 4 year’s since its announced release in March 2015.
George Lucas: Rise of an Empire was published by then BLUE WATER COMICS on 4 March 2015, but ever since their websites and subsequent company name changes (TIDALWAVE PRODUCTIONS / STORM FRONT) have never offered the variant comic for sale.  
Another website ( comicfleamarket.com ) which stocked most of BLUE WATER’s titles also omitted the variant cover.
The original cover by Chris Fischer is still readily available through normal online publication sales sites.
Brian surmises that the variant cover was never released, and doubts that there was ever any intent in releasing a physical copy. If so, our assumption is that maybe the variant cover was solely used or intended as a digital offering or marketing tool for potential online sales outlets and blogs.


Here are a couple of work-in-progress shot’s of Brian’s variant cover. The pencils are drawn on an 11×17 comic board, and colors to follow.


I remain hopeful, that this variant cover did eventually see the light of day, and in that spirit, have you been able to find this comic book cover anywhere?


If so, please let Fantha Tracks know all the details. We would love to get the news back to Brian Smith.