Check your chronometers and shake your heads in surprise as yes, it is indeed a year since Solo: A Star Wars Story came out and blew the galaxy away with its awesomeness and to celebrate the occasion Star Wars Authentics bring us some Solo related autograph news.

Today marks the one year anniversary of Solo: A Star Wars Story and the launch of the social media campaign #MakeSolo2Happen where fans are showing their love for the film.

You can celebrate your love for Solo: A Star Wars Story with autographed photos from the cast and officially licensed photos at Star Wars Authentics.

Check out all the autographs from Solo: A Star Wars Story here including Alden Ehrenreich, Paul Bettany, Erin Kellyman, Ray Park, Sam Witwer and more:

Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo Autographs:

Paul Bettany as Dryden Vos Autographs:

Erin Kellyman as Enfys Nest Autographs:

Ray Park as Maul Autographs:

Sam Witwer as Maul Autographs:

Dave Chapman as Rio Durant and Lady Proxima Autographs:

Star Wars Authentics also has over 200 officially licensed photos from Solo: A Star Wars Story available now.

Also recently added to the Star Wars Authentics site – Autographed Banners and Nameplates from Star Wars Celebration! Check out the whole collection here:

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