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And this week comes from an indication from a friend, off the Marvel axis. It is a double appearance in two editions of Ghostbusters International, issues # 2 and # 3.

We begin with the second edition:

Where Janine is having an idea with a girl, which tells her that 30 languages ​​and dialects are fluent, and she sends a comparison with the C3-PO.

And in issue 3 we also have an allusion to Star Wars.

Here we have Peter Venkman sending the classic Han Solo phrase: I got a bad feeling about this.

With this we have two new entries on the board:

Star Wars 2 mentions
Jedi 1 mention
Obi-Wan 1 mention
BB-8 1 mention
Boba Fett 1 mention
Estrela da Morte 1 mention
Millenium Falcon 1 mention
C3-PO 1 mention
Han Solo 1 mention


And you also have a reference that saw and passed beaten by us, send us, who comes to the series.