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Should you ever come to own an observatory, now that a bit of paint, time and dedication can give you a giant R2-D2. A German professor figured this out and got busy.

Hubert Zitt is a professor at the German Zweibrücken University of Applied Sciences. After receiving a doctorate in the field of systems theory of electrotechnology from Saarland University, he now teaches the subject at Zweibrücken.

He has yet to win any Nobel prizes, but Zitt has certainly travelled lightyears in the science community, coming to be known for a particularly nerdy obsession.

If you’re wondering if Zitt likes Star Wars, all you have to do is drive down the A8 in Germany. On the top of a hill overlooking the city of Zweibrücken sits the university observatory.

Given its lofty perch, it’s impossible to miss — especially since Zitt decked it out in bright blue and white, turning the observatory into a spitting image of famous sci-fi droid R2-D2.