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Earlier today I attended the London Film Fair which had a number of Star Wars actors signing.

First, from the Original Trilogy were Patrick Ginter and Martyn Read. They both played Stormtroopers, with Martyn being most prominent as the Stormtrooper standing between the Scanning Crew as they were about to enter the Millennium Falcon in A New Hope.

Patrick also played a Stormtrooper, but can be seen more prominently on screen as Commander Desanne.

Patrick was also used for costume fittings for Luke Skywalker and after talking with him I learned that his hands were used for the scene where Luke puts his black leather glove on over his damaged mechanical hand when inside his X-Wing in Return of the Jedi.

From Rogue One was Ivy Wong who at only 3 years old played Pendra Siliu, the girl rescued by Jyn Erso on Jedha.

Finally, from Ewoks:The Battle Of Endor was Sian Phillips who played Charal.

The next London Film Fair takes place at Central Hall Westminster on Saturday 7th April.