‘Do we really need another Star Wars wargame?‘ asks Ars Technica. ‘Yes’ they say, ‘and this is it.’
This is the first review for Star Wars: Legion I’ve come across and with a headline like that… well, the levels of excitement for this game were already high and this review will only add fuel to the fire.
It’s a really good review and looks at the core game and what lies ahead, so give it a read and get ready for the release on March 22nd.

Star Wars: Legion is a miniatures battle game that pits armies of Rebel and Imperial troops against one another in deadly tactical combat. Where X-Wing and Armada let players fight it out in the cold void of space, this new release takes the action planetside, with ground-based clashes between forces of infantry, vehicles, and giant mechanical war-walkers.

At first glance, Legion is a similar proposition to the iconic dark-future wargame Warhammer 40,000. You’ll collect plastic troops, super-glue them together from multi-part kits, and paint them before deploying for battle. But while it has some superficial similarities to games that have come before, it soon becomes clear that Legion has plenty of innovations of its own.

You’ll face some tough decisions before you even get your troops to the table. For each battle, you’ll need to decide which units to field and which characters will lead your forces. Will you recruit a mass of basic infantry squads, overpowering the enemy by sheer weight of numbers, or will you upgrade your troops to elite status, with a smaller but deadlier army packing heavy weapons and specialist equipment? Will you deploy speeder bikes that race across the battlefield, attacking enemies and getting out of harm’s way before they have a chance to strike back? Or will you rely on slower, heavier battle walkers armed with devastating laser cannons that rain death on anyone unlucky enough to come within range?

SOURCEArs Technica
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