Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #1

In the days of the High Republic a team of inexperienced Padawans race to Trymant IV to aid its citizens after an attack by the Nihil, a band of dangerous marauders, leaves the city on fire.

Padawans Lula, Farzal, and Qort do their best to help as many people as they can. Meanwhile, Zeen and Kriz, part of a group that resents and fears the Jedi, must decide whether they can accept their help or try to save the day on their own.

Writer: Daniel José Older
Penciller: Harvey Tolibao
Inker: Harvey Tolibao
Letterer: Jake M. Wood
Colorist: Rebecca Nalty
Cover artist: Harvey Tolibao
Publication date: February 3, 2021
Pages: 32

As the era of The High Republic continues to unfold, the first issue of IDW’s monthly series enters the fray, led by writer Daniel José Older and artist Harvey Tolibao. Pitched as more of a young readers title than its Marvel brother, this is every bit as exciting and essential as the release from the House of Ideas, and with gorgeous art from Tolibao and a tight script from Older, this is a lush entry into the era and the worlds of The High Republic.

We’re entering a familiar scenario as the Great Disaster continues to rain upon the galaxy. This time we’re far, far out on the southern Outer Rim in the Trymant system which according to the very handy map appears to be very close to the Subterrel sector between the Rimma Trade Route and the Hydian Way. Hyperspace spews out a fiery belch of debris, which sees the only ship in the area, the padawan academic cruiser Star Hopper diverted to Trymant. Aboard, along with Master Yoda and imposing Chagrian Jedi Torban ‘Buckets of Blood’ Buck we meet Lula Talisola, an impressive padawan on her first real mission in the galaxy while down below on the island of Bralanak City we’re introduced to Zeen Mrala. Her story is intriguing, taught never to use her powers despite it swelling inside her to bursting point.

The Star Hopper swoops down to assist, deflecting debris and leading people to safety despite some being more selfish abut their escape than others, and while it’s a story seen across the galaxy as the Jedi mobilise and strive to protect the people of the galaxy the best they can there’s a level of detail and craft that really makes this issue stand out.

Older writes snappy, pleasing dialogue, laying the groundwork for future issues after an event that has begun in a similar manner across books and comics, filtering off into unique ongoing tales. Tolibao draws in such lush, lavish detail married to some beautiful colouring from Rebecca Nalty that The High Republic Adventures has immediately become a must-buy. While some comics are perfectly servicable with a quick, single read, this deserves a slow, appreciative browse. If IDW released an edition with a complimentary magnifying glass to soak up every pen stroke of detail, that would be appreciated.