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Online writing services are assistance providers that help students write many types of essays and research papers. Students attending colleges or universities decide to use essay writing service in a variety of situations. Here are some of them:

  • They’re not well-versed in writing. They need help researching, finding relevant sources, creating an outline, writing, and formatting citations correctly. 
  • They don’t know writing basics well. Although they can speak English fluently, they might not be proficient in grammar, stylistic organization, and spelling.
  • They don’t have a full grasp of the appropriate terminology they have to use. 
  • They’re overwhelmed by numerous assignments and exams each semester. 
  • They don’t have enough time to handle all their assignments on their own. 

Due to the reasons listed above, some students choose to get orders done with the help of professional writing services. However, the majority of students are discouraged from doing so because they believe in the myths surrounding online writing services. 

In this article, we’re going to debunk these myths and explain why you should use online writing services if the situation requires.


Essay Writing Services Aren’t Legitimate

Many students consider online essay writing services to be illegal. There are so many websites on the internet that it’s difficult to tell reliable companies from the unreliable ones. It’s exceptionally easy to create fake landing pages with fake information these days. 

Of course, this is a valid concern, but not all essay services are illegal. To find a legitimate agency, focus on the factors listed below:

  • Never trust free or cheap companies. Since writing takes a lot of time and effort, professional essay writing services won’t ever provide low-cost services. If you find a cheap agency, it might re-sell one essay to other customers or provide low-quality content. 
  • Check their terms and conditions carefully to know if they handle the delivery of quality content within an expected period and offer money-back guarantees. 
  • Check the comments on their website and reviews on reliable review platforms. Honest companies mostly receive positive comments and reviews.

They Don’t Provide Quality Content

As we mentioned above, low-cost writing services may deliver poor-quality essays. However, there are plenty of affordable service providers that hire professional writers. They’re experts in two different areas, namely:

  • They know how to research the topic in depth, find sources, create an exciting topic, and produce a relevant outline. They undertake different writing styles and appropriate terminology. Plus, they don’t make grammar mistakes.
  • Reliable companies usually hire writers with different backgrounds, so the person who writes your essay probably has a relevant expertise.

They Plagiarize Essays

This myth likely originated from the fact that many cheap essay writing services copy texts from other sources without adding proper citations, or deliver one essay to several clients. 

However, not all agencies steal content. They use various sources but cite them correctly. To ensure the content is 100% original, creative writing services usually send a similarity report along with their work. The report proves that the writing is not too similar to an already published piece of content. To make sure you receive unique writing, check their policies on their websites.


Outsourcing Your Essays Means Cheating

As a student, you’re supposed to write several essays during your college life. Deadlines are strict, and you don’t have enough time to participate in a workshop to learn how to write professionally. When that happens, you get hopeless and stressed. What’s the solution? 

A good way to learn something is to see how experts do it, and writing isn’t an exception. The idea is to outsource some writing tasks and then examine the results carefully. There, you see how the writer has created the outline. You can also focus on sentence structures and terminology and follow the same pattern the next time you’re going to do your assignments. 

The other problem most students face when they want to write an essay is correct formatting of citations. Again, when you see how writing specialists do this, you can learn how to do it correctly. 


They Charge Too Much 

At first glance, it might look strange that some services are low-cost while others charge unreasonable fees. Neither of these companies are reliable. Take time to search carefully and find some reasonable agencies that provide quality content at a fair price. Note that they mostly have special seasonal offers for college students, so don’t miss them.  

Bottom Line   

Although students need to use essay services for different situations, unfortunately, several misconceptions prevent them from using online essay writing services. As a student, you should be aware of the myths and know why they’re not valid. Use writing services if needed, but be careful when you’re choosing one. The essay writing service you choose should be legit, creative, and professional.