Selling and buying Digital Currencies can be stressful for You. The correct and trustworthy digital currency buying and trading site must be chosen. Today we will show you a complete Binance guide. First Let’s have a comprehensive look at digital currency Bitcoin. Visit to know about steps to do safe transactions using bitcoin.

Why bitcoin?

Bitcoin was founded in January 2009 as a digital currency. Virtual currency that enables one to digitally sell and acquire currency. It is also ideal for online purchases.

Let’s have a look on Binance

What is Binance?

Binance is a platform of various Digital currencies it allows us trading of various Virtual Currencies.  in terms of trading Binace was the largest platform for exchanging Digital Currencies in 2018. Binance is only for Trading Digital Currencies that means we can only trade on Binance. If you already don’t have currency before you have to Purchase some Currency through which you can trade on Binance.

How to open an Account on Binance?

In terms of opening Account on Binance is just a super Simple easy you can open Account and start Trading. You have to install App or just go to Binance website where you can open Binance Account. You just have to Enter your Valid Email Address, enter your secret password and repeat your password then you have to read Terms and Conditions of Binance after this just click on, I have read terms and conditions Now you’re a Account holder of Binance. After that you have to add funds on Binance by using any external Cryptocurrency wallet after that, now you can trade on Binance.

 How to trade on Binance?

There are Basically two easy ways of trading through which you can easily Trade on Binance. The first one is Basic Trading settings and second one is Advanced Trading Settings. It is designed for Both professionals and new traders. Those who are beginners in trading should select Basic Trading and those who have expertise in trading online and know all the things about trading they must have to go with Advanced Trading.

Basic Trading Setting

Basic trading setting is basically designed for beginners who have not any expertise in trading field. The basic setting has simple layout settings that is very easy to understand. It has basic trading info but before that you must know that Binance is professional trading platform it does not mater whatever it is basic trading or Advance you have to take worries.

Advance Trading Setting

In Binance the other trading setting is Advance Trading Setting. It is basically designed. You could enter it in your wallet as a percentage or sum of currency for advanced traders who know about trading.  It has a complex design as compared to Basic trading settings. It gives access to all the price charts to advanced traders.

How to Trade

In this part we will start with the Basic Trading setting. To start trading in Binance you have to login to your Account it’s super simple and easy. Now many trading pairs are present. Binance provides you with a huge list of Trading pairs.

Now you have to select a trading pair and choose which type of trading who wants to make its super simple and easy. Today we are going to learn how we can buy on Binance with Market orders. This is very ideal for starters and also suitable.

Now you have to choose the amount which you want to trade, now checkout the market prices if your Happy with the current market price then you have to select your chosen coin you want to buy.

Now, it’s very easy you need to click on Buy XRP

Now, you’re able to trade on Binance. You know all the things that how you can trade using Binance.


Nowadays markets of cryptocurrencies are full of a lot of Happy customers. In this Binance guide we have covered all the things which should be in your mind before starting on Binance. Now Binance has a trading volume of almost $1.4BILLIONS There are a lot of Happy customers of Binance all over the globe. They only use the binance because it has simple and amazing features that makes it different from all other cryptocurrency trading platforms.