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Today, Star Wars seems to be an irreplaceable part of our culture, and it concerns not only Americans but the whole words already. As an outstanding piece of the movie industry, and, in the wider sense, art, it deserves to be spoken and written about.

In the core, writing a Star Wars essay doesn’t differ much from writing any other essay. The same structure, the same logic of presenting arguments and proofs, the same intro and wind up. Still, it might be a little bit more difficult as the story requires additional research and the time to think it over. It’s always better to write it on your own, expressing what only you can express, but for critical moments when there is no time left, there is, luckily, a great online helper. With a single text message ‘Write my paper about Star Wars’, you will gain its exceptional writers’ assistance as quickly as possible. With an outstanding essay writing service like WriteMyPaperHub, you will not have to spend so much time on reviewing the movie and compiling your thoughts together.

And now we will provide some glimpses on how to do it yourself – join us!

A Comprehensive Guide on How to Write a Star Wars College Essay

Before you start writing your first draft about the story, don’t think that you already know everything if you had seen the movie some time ago. To understand what you are describing, you need to delve deep into this Star Wars universe: devote an evening or two to reviewing these episodes, select and write down what has made a particular impact on you, and try to think of the ideas that stand behind the conversations and the plot turns. 

Passing this preparatory stage, proceed to make the plan – first, think of what idea was the strongest and affected you greatly (ideally, not connected to politics). This idea will be a perfect ‘hook’ to place in the introduction and grasp the reader’s attention and awaken curiosity. 

After that, there are more steps, since creating a well-shaped essay should be aimed at the wholesome picture, not a sum of several rough drafts.

  • Choose the conflict / main idea of your essay. This is the point that your whole essay will be devoted to – a good option will be to choose ever-relevant topics like teacher and learner, peace and war, human relationships including race and gender, etc. Here you can also add some interesting facts about the world of Star Wars. They will capture the attention and give you the space to continue the story, putting forward your thoughts and impressions.
  • Choose the topic. Having the idea is great, but it will be conveyed only if you formulate it well. The topic should sound appealing but not be too straightforward or reveal the end conclusion that you are about to make. Besides, be careful with conclusions as it often happens that when you begin to write an essay, being quite convinced in one opinion, you end up thinking differently. In these cases, the topic should reflect a part of this change. 
  • Write the body part in a personalized manner. Here, in this essay, nobody needs you to retell the whole story, – you write this text to communicate to the world what you have seen in this most successful movie of all times because all of us see differently. Sure thing, you can mention the main events, characters, and parts of the plot, but be sure that you view them critically, analyzing each action to come to a certain logical conclusion and perceiving the story with your own unique background.
  • Do not forget to link ideas to concrete evidence. Now, you cannot say ‘I think that Luke Skywalker did a wrong thing’ without supplying the real proof of his actions and the bad results they had. Each idea must be supported and harmonically lead to a single result.
  • Check your essay for grammatical (and lexical) mistakes. While many students often neglect this part of the writing work, don’t do so. If your essay contains brilliant examples, provides all the proofs, has the linking words on their places, gives a deep insight into the world created by the Star Wars culture, it doesn’t matter if your essay is full of stupid mistakes. In case you lack time to do it by yourself, use an online program like Grammarly or Hemingway to get it checked (however, don’t forget that they might not always be right).

To crown it all, if you dive into the story of Star Wars and let it fascinate you, your essay will be a great piece of writing. The most important is to enjoy the process, get experience, learn to think and analyze each event, – then you will know that your Star Wars essay is written right.