Speaking with Disney D23 Magazine, man of a thousand voices Dee Bradley Baker gave high praise to The Bad Batch supervising director Brad Rau and head writer Jennifer Corbett ahead of the show arriving on Disney Plus on May 4th.

“It’s a beautifully written show. [Rau and Corbett are] really smart and they really love Star Wars. They’re all the things that a fan could want for the best kind of Star Wars experience.”

“It takes what we found in The Clone Wars to another level of depth and awesomeness. It’s real Star Wars in the best possible sense… It’s an amazingly dramatic and satisfying series or story for anyone, whether you know Star Wars or not – but especially if you love Star Wars.”

While he wasn’t able to say much more, he did lay down a tantalising tease regarding the direction of the show.

“A fan who has paid attention to where things ended [in The Clone Wars] might be able to guess where we’re going to start [in The Bad Batch].”