With the recent passing of both Dave Prowse and Jeremy Bulloch, the Star Wars galaxy has lost two of its original trilogy stalwarts, arguably two of the most popular of all screen villains, way beyond the mere confines of the GFFA. Speaking in this months issue of Empire Magazine, Mark Hamill remembered Dave Prowse, the physical embodiment of his onscreen father.

“The first time I met Dave was when he came on set in the full Darth Vader outfit. I’d seen Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art, but to see it fully realised was stunning. A big part of that was just Dave’s size. He was a towering figure with this magnificent presence. Although we didn’t know it at the time, we were seeing the creation of one of the most iconic, enduring and feared villains of all time. That’s a tribute to him and to George Lucas’s storyline, because he’s only in that original film for less than ten minutes.”

“I want Dave to be remembered for what a kind and genuine person he was. It seems so ironic that someone as ruthless, cold-hearted and evil as Darth Vader was portrayed by someone who was really a gentle giant. Dave was the opposite of everything Darth Vader was.”

Read the full piece in the February 2021 issue of Empire Magazine, which features a stellar Paul Shipper cover featuring Din, Grogu and Ahsoka and exclusively for subscribers a glorious Grogu cover by Sam Gilbey.


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