ET’s Ash Crossan spoke with voice actor Dee Bradley Baker, who demonstrates the character voices in the all-new ‘Star Wars’ animated series, ‘The Bad Batch,’ now streaming on Disney+. ET also spoke with creators Brad Rau and Jennifer Corbett about the first episode’s surprises and what they have planned for the series.

Fantha Tracks were there for this Virtual Press Conference, and while we didn’t manage to get any questions in to the guests as time was super limited, here’s some highlights from the transcript of the talk, starting with Dee Bradley Baker discussing the introduction of Omega.

ASH: So, in the premiere episode, we are introduced to a new character named Omega. And she seems pretty important. What can you tell us about her and how important she will be to the story? And Dee, I would love to know more about the dynamic here between Hunter and Omega, because I’m giving-I’m getting those, um, Mandalorian, Baby Yoda-like, reluctant dad in armor vibes.


ASH: So, how would you describe them?

DEE: Well, it’s a fascinating relationship that unfolds. Because at first, of course, the team is not-they’re kind of their own sealed unit.

And they’re certainly not used to having anybody else along or working with anybody else, although, they did bring along Echo. And brought Echo on board after he kind of proved himself to them, and they came together on that. But yeah, I mean, it’s interesting in terms of the story and the writing, to have this kind of personal relationship with the younger character.

And to see how that changes and how they accommodate that and how that works. Because it’s more of like an uncle/niece, or a father/child dynamic, but not entirely. Because Omega is her own interesting, um, uh, potential of powers. [LAUGH] Maybe. And, uh, and so it’s interesting to see all of that unfold. But I think it connects you to the story in-in a personal way. So it’s not just an action story, as Star Wars never is. That there’s a personal story that’s also playing out as well,  that connects you to the entire story.

ASH: Definitely. And for Brad and Jennifer, are we right to focus on her as much I wanted to in the first episode? Is she integral to the story?

BRAD: Yes, Ash. She is. Definitely. She’s so great. ‘Cause we have this awesome team of elite Clones, and everything we’ve been talking about in this changing galaxy. And this time period that as a fan, I’m just so excited to see, ’cause we haven’t seen that much about the rise of the Empire. So, to have these clinical, best of the best soldiers as suddenly fish out of water in this changing galaxy, and to have this kid that they look to help raise in a very parental way. And it’s a two way street, honestly, the way that that works, that none of them are really equipped to go out into the world. And how do they, you know, how do they eat? They don’t have a mess hall to go to. How do they get their gear fixed? How do they get fuel for their-for their ship?