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From its launch, Fantha Tracks have supported our fellow Star Wars podcast creators in promoting their shows, and our readers in discovering new and exciting audio content in the form of our Podcast A-Z Database.

Now, Fantha Tracks wants to expand that to the realm of Star Wars fan made videos.

There is a whole world of fantastic fan created Star Wars focused YouTube channels and shows waiting to be discovered, but these are often missed in the shuffle of negativity that can often bubble to the top. Going forward, we want to help you find the best, most creative, fun, educational and interesting Star Wars video content out there.

So, if you produce a Star Wars focused YouTube channel or show and want to be featured in our Video Database, let us know the details in the form below or contact Brian Cameron, on Twitter or via e-mail to be included in this new section on Fantha Tracks.

Likewise, if you are a fan of a Star Wars focused YouTube channel or show and you think it should form part of our future Video Database then let us know. The more recommendations a show gets, the more likely it is to end up in the database.

No channel or show is too small or too large, and please don’t assume that we know about your show or channel. We are starting this project from a blank slate.

Each channel / show that gets an an entry in the database will have a dedicated page in our Video Database promoting their content, and select new episodes from that channel / show will be promoted on Fantha Tracks and our various social media feeds moving forward.

The Video Database will be a new section of Fantha Tracks, to compliment our popular Podcast Database. Look out for a complete redesign of the Podcast Database rolling out soon.