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Anthony Daniels, best known as Lieutenant Dannl Faytonni from Attack of the Clones, is signing with Official Pix, and now they give you the opportunity to order your autographs.

It’s always our pleasure to offer Anthony Daniels, the only cast member to have been in ALL of the live action Star Wars films and ALL of the animated Star Wars television series! You can Pre-Order from a variety of actor-provided images or mail your own items in for him to sign.

All FanExpo Dallas & Calgary Expo orders will be taken through Monday, March 26th and all Send-In items must arrive by Thursday, March 29th. Again, please note the shipping instructions on each order page depending on the size/type of your item and don’t forget to print out, sign and include our required Send-In Terms Page for each item. Also, please tag your Send-In items correctly as instructed here.

NB: Anthony Daniels also played the protocol droid See Threepio.