The BBC take a look at the hobby of vintage action figure collecting, chatting with some prominent collectors including Fantha Tracks own Graham Hancock, friend of the site Mark Daniels and Matt Fox of  May The Toys Be With You fame.

Included in the Derbyshire sale is a Yak Face figure which is highly sought after because of its obscurity and has an estimate of between £700 and £1,000.

A 1980 Boba Fett toy, still attached to its original card, has already reached about £600 in advance bids from an estimate of £300, auctioneers Hansons said.

It is predicted about £10,000 could be made in total from the sale of the 90 toys.

Many of the figures are being sold by former employees of Leicestershire-based Palitoy, which manufactured them for the UK market.

Some were also made by US firm Kenner, as well as companies in Europe and Hong Kong.

Mr Daniels collects Star Wars items from British licensees like Palitoy, Cliro, Helix and HC Ford. He has since made a career as a Star Wars illustrator.

“The great thing about Star Wars, and collecting it, is there is something for everyone whatever your budget,” he said.

“Some items will always have a huge following and garner huge price tags, such as props and rarer toys and merchandise.

“[However] the more run-of-the-mill product will ultimately plateau in value at some point.”