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The Cinemark Cinemas Network in Brazil already have a long history of popcorn combos inspired by major movie releases. And with the approach of The Rise of Skywalker it’s no different. Today the company has announced several Star Wars-inspired combos with lightsaber cups.

There are three different combos, one inspired by the dark side of the Force, with a Kylo Ren-stamped bucket and red lightsaber-shaped glass; and another on the light side, with Rey’s print on the bucket and blue lightsaber-shaped glass. And there’s a third (and expensive) combo of the R2-D2, which is both a cup and a bucket of popcorn.

It is worth remembering that, although interesting, these giveaways are extremely similar to those of some images that circulated on the internet in recent weeks, where they mentioned movie combos in Australia. The glasses are identical to those that would have been launched by the Hoyts network and the R2-D2 bucket are identical to the Event Cinemas combo.

What’s really surprising to consumers are the prices. On one hand the lightsaber-inspired glass combo is within the average price we normally find in movie theaters, the R2-D2  -which is a popcorn bucket hybrid – costs an unbelievable R$ 471 (or about $112)! It’s too expensive for a bucket here in Brazil.