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Time is a ticking towards the 3rd April deadline for the 5000 orders needed to activate the build for the HASLAB Jabba’s sail barge. To encourage supporters further, Entertainment Weekly bring us this video and gallery, giving us a closer look at how the finished barge will appear.

The toymaker has launched a new crowdsourcing initiative called HasLab, aimed at both creating bold new playthings and encouraging fans to commit to purchasing them.

If 5,000 people sign up to buy Jabba’s sail barge for $499 by April 3, Hasbro will begin mass-producing it. (As of now, the ticker is just over the halfway point.)

But before all that, Hasbro’s masterminds have to create just one — and Entertainment Weekly has an exclusive video showing how it literally came together.

And to further entice backers, Hasbro are now adding a very special carded figure to the project.

In addition to Jabba’s sail barge, a.k.a. the Khetanna, those who back the project will receive a special action figure to ride along with the slug-like gangster: the alien con artist known as Yak Face (his friends call him Saelt-Marae).

Remember, there are just 13 days to go until the end of the project and currently there are 2980 backers.