Fantha Tracks TV: Collectology Boba Fett signed capsule edition Star Wars Stamp

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It was a normal day in the shop at All The Cool Stuff, when all of a sudden Matt Booker, Fantha Tracks Superstar, burst through the door with a package he just received from Collectology. Inside was one of their limited edition Boba Fett signed capsule edition Star Wars Stamps.

Here is the official blurb:

“Any fan of STAR WARS will be wary of bounty hunter Boba Fett, but not too afraid to avoid Boba Fett merchandise which is highly sought-after by STAR WARS fans due to their rarity. And this Boba Fett capsule edition is a must-have for your collection, that’s because it’s been hand-signed by Boba Fett himself, or rather, the actor behind the villainous helmet, Jeremy Bulloch! As one of the most famous STAR WARS villains, the fan-favourite Bounty hunter has inspired a cult following and just his signature alone is collectible, but this capsule edition pairs the official Royal Mail STAR WARS Boba Fett First Class Stamp along with it to make it particularly sought-after. What’s more, your stamp and Jeremy’s signature come protectively sealed in their own super tough tamper-proof capsule – practically a transparent spacecraft for your signed Boba Fett stamp edition to preserve it forever. Plus, it means your capsule edition can be displayed, held shown and passed around without fear of damage! For the final touch, the capsule comes presented in its own display case with its own numbered certificate of authenticity, confirming its position in the edition limit with a photograph of Jeremy signing the stamp. JUST 500 available worldwide – now over 70% SOLD” Available here:…

What do you think to the Collectology Boba Fett signed capsule edition Star Wars Stamp ? Does Brian Blessed REALLY collect Boba Fett merchandise? Let us know what you think by leaving your comments on the Fantha Tracks TV page below.

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