Proving he is every bit as good at designing LEGO sets as he is at writing Spider-Man comics, director J.J. Abrams reveals his latest work, a virtual version of one of his favorite London eateries he frequented while making his two Star Wars sequel entries, The River Cafe.

Eater reports that Abrams has recreated the interior of London-based Italian restaurant The River Cafe – a spot he frequented while filming the Star Wars movies in the English capital. The virtual model apparently uses 520 pieces, though it’s difficult to distinguish what exactly is and isn’t LEGO.

The minifigures sure look like LEGO, for example, but we’re less convinced by the tables and chairs. The spotlight on founder Ruth Rogers clutching a lobster is pretty distinctive, though, and it’s certainly a very colourful box.

It seems to have gone down well with its target audience, as one ‘well-regarded London chef’ told Eater: “Take my money.”