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If you’re a fan of the LEGO brick – and let’s face it, who isn’t – then this is good news as KAP Toys confirm they have a distribution agreement with LEGO for LEGO Lites, bringing the range back to market in September.

KAP Toys has confirmed that Lego Lites, the Lego LED light range, will be available for domestic supply from September.

Nathaniel Southworth, managing director, said: “This is beyond a dream come true as I wanted to run this line earlier in my career. Re:Creation did a fantastic job with it, but with the company exiting the UK & Ireland market, the opportunity to partner with IQHK was presented to us. It’s a great product, with great licences and great pricing. We couldn’t believe our luck when the opportunity came up to reintroduce this range to the market.”

Ten of the hero lines will be available from September 2020, followed by further extensions and opportunities from spring/summer 2021.

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