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May the 4th is heading our way fast and as we ease away from another successful Celebration, the annual Star Wars holiday is almost here. Albin Johnson has been in touch, bringing us news of some past May the 4th patches that you might need to complete your collection.

Hey gang!

Star Wars day is almost here! Based on feedback and requests, we are running all three of the original May the Fourth R2-KT patches:

* 2013 edition (Warhol) by Eric Siebeneck

* 2014 edition (Fireworks) by Juan Jose Matamoros

* 2018 edition (Porg) by Darrin Brege.

All available R2-KT items and ordering instructions can be viewed on the KT stuff page: http://www.r2kt.com/r2-kt-stuff/

Hope you all have a great Star Wars day!

– AL (man-servant to R2-KT)