Nissan have unveiled a multi million dollar, one of a kind, Nissan Maxima Captain Phasma custom show car to tie in with the opening of The Last Jedi.

This incredible looking Nissan Maxima is one of seven cars inspired by The Last Jedi that will be on display at the LA Auto Show, LA Convention Centre, December 1st-10th.

Eric Shimp, project manager at Vehicle Effects, tells Heat Vision it took at least 100 hours to turn Phasma’s mask from 2D into 3D and then more than 200 hours for the metal fabrication on this car alone — never mind there are six more vehicles. “The detail work is insane,” says Shimp, “Phasma’s car is the most artisan of the bunch.”

The Captain Phasma Maxima is also a celebration of female strength. The Nissan’s Maxima team us led by a female engineer, while ILM’s vehicle designer is a woman — as is the vehicle’s brand director.

Stay tuned here at Fantha Tracks for more details and pictures of these Nissan x Lucasfilm cars as I’ll be over in Los Angeles soon attending the Auto Show.