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Official Pix are lining up a cargo hold full of signers for the spring as a healthy batch of GFFA stars are announced.

Check out the list of guests below, coming from the original trilogy, the sequels and the standalone’s.

COMING SOON! Official Pix is proud to be offering Pre-Orders on 8×10 actor-provided photos for even more first time Star Wars signers.

We’ll be conducting signings with the elusive Michael Pennington (Moff Jerjerrod), Hugh Spight (Gamorrean Guard), Bill Hargreaves (IG-88), Cathy Munroe (Zuckuss), Angela Staines (Senni Tonnika) & Paul Kasey (Admiral Raddus, Ello Asty & C’ai Threnalli)!

Look for these amazing names and more with our April 2018 signing order page coming very soon!