Julien’s Auction House closed their Hollywood Legends auction on June 23rd 2018 with a vast array of items from James Schoppe.  James was the US Art director on Return of the Jedi and received an Academy Award nomination for his work on the set.

All eyes were on the iconic Han Solo BlasTech DL-44 blaster which went for a staggering $550,000 and was purchased by Ripley’s Museum.  Believe it or not 😉

One item that I would have personally loved to own is the Biker Scout blaster, or more accurately the BlasTech EC-17, which sold for over $90,000 more than three times its estimate.  I’ve always admired the Bike Scout costume and the blaster is a great design.

There were plenty of other props such as an Ewok Axe ($11,250), plans and designs for Jabba’s Sail Barge and Skiff, production notes and call sheets for buyers to bid on.

For non-Star Wars fans who could pass up the opportunity to own one of the Triumph Trophy TR500 motorcycles used by Fonz on Happy Days, or perhaps some Marilyn Monroe jewellery?  It’s great to see auctions like this come up at least once a year to see items that were once locked away in collections.