Revisiting 1977’s toy-less first ‘Star Wars’ Christmas

Yahoo take a look back to what they consider to be the first Star Wars Christmas (even though the original novelisation came out in December 1976, so technically it was the second) with words from such luminaries as Mark Boudreaux and Bernie Loomis.

Maybe you’ve heard the story of the first Star Wars Christmas, and maybe you haven’t. Maybe you know about the mail-in certificates, and maybe you don’t. Either way, the story is worth telling and retelling because for all that the future holds for the Disney era of George Lucas’s creations, the first Star Wars Christmas is the only Star Wars Christmas that will ever be defined by one “brilliant” idea — and zero action figures.

For another angle on earliest Star Wars Christmas in the UK, here’s my article from back in 2013 (where I totally contradict what I said in the first paragraph of this piece).