Ironic, on the day that this very item was spotted in Walmart for $50.00, take a closer look at this superb Arcade1Up games cabinet, a superb piece that would grace any Star Wars collection.

The folks at Arcade 1Up are no strangers to turning the dreams of gamers and collectors into realities. Their affordable line of in-home arcade cabinets have allowed fans to enjoy their favorite coin-op classics, from Space Invaders to Centipede, in the comfort of their homes.

Their latest offering is the best yet, though, as it not only ratchets the arcade realism with a number of new features, but also caters to high-score chasers from a galaxy far, far away. The Star Wars Home Arcade Game delivers all the Death Star-obliterating thrills of Atari’s 1983 arcade shooter, without the hassle of having to continuously pump quarters into a slot.

In addition to letting you relive indelible childhood moments spent blasting through the trench run, the ¾ scale machine is packed with fan-pleasing, arcade-accurate details. Whether you’ve been waiting 30-plus years to nail that thermal exhaust port or you’re in the market for a cool, new Star Wars collectible, here’s five reasons this iconic cabinet would make a great addition to any game cave or family room.

Arcade1Up Star Wars Home Arcade Cabinet with Custom Riser
  • 3 Games In 1 includes Star Wars, Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, and Star Wars Return of the Jedi
  • Custom Riser With Original Artwork
  • 1 Player Records Your High Scores
  • 17 inch Color LCD, Screen Real Feel 4 Button, Trigger Style Flight Yoke