Via our friends at Alliance Agents comes the good news that Chris Munke will be attending Filmbörse Oberhausen on Sunday 28th April.

We are very happy about the first day of the Filmbörse Oberhausen 28.04.2019:

Chris Muncke!!!

Chris plays in the first star wars movie captain edmos khurgee who sends the scanning crew to the millennium Falcon…

Chris Munke is also on the side of Roger Moore in James bond – the spy that loved me!

Chris is now 77 years old and hasn’t been on any con for years. You shouldn’t miss this performance…

We are looking forward to your visit at the biggest film stock exchange in Germany!

Movie Börse Oberhausen
April 28., 2019
Oberhausen Oberhausen
At the lipperfeld 23-46047 Oberhausen

🎟 tickets are available at the box from 8,- euro 🎟
Entry from 11:00 PM ONLY 8,- euro
Early Bird entry from 10:00 pm only 10,- euro

#ChrisMunke – Star Wars / James Bond

Entrance for children up to 12 years accompanied by parents is free!!!