Fantha Day 5 and Farthest From 21 arrive this week at Fordingbridge Town Hall and the announcements continue as paid visitors to Star Wars Fun Day on Saturday will receive a pack of The Rise of Skywalker trading cards.

Once your inside there’s plenty to see and do at the show, including the long overdue return of the MonCal Carnival and 5 guests from the Disney era of Star Wars.

In addition, the weekend will see a decade of All The Cool Stuff, located directly opposite Fordingbridge Town Hall.

Did you know on Thursday 28th of November All The Cool Stuff opened its doors to Fordingbridge 10 years ago?

The benefits of supporting local businesses have been highlighted again and again, but in isolation, here are a few of the achievements All The Cool Stuff has made for Fordingbridge and its community in 10 years.

Since 2009, has directly raised over £7,500 for charities/ local projects, including:
Fordingbridge Skate Park
Avonway Community Centre
Fordingbridge Christmas Lights
Rae Straton Luncheon Club/Day Care
Fordingbridge & District Day Centre for the Frail & Housebound

In addition, All The Cool Stuff helped facilitate more than £12,000 in fundraising for charities, groups and projects through All The Cool Stuff events.

Has spent on average £5,000 each year with other retailers and services DIRECTLY within Fordingbridge.

Hosted 50+ events in the Fordingbridge Town Hall, benefiting local retailers and businesses.

2017 Winner of The New Brilliance In Business Hampshire County Council Award for Contribution To The New Forest Community.

2019 Nominated for Independent Toy Retailer of the Year by The British Toy & Hobby Association.

To all the customers and individuals who have helped and supported All The Cool Stuff, thank you.