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Sunday 1st December will see the return of Farthest From for the 21st time at Fordingbridge Town Hall, and the start of a new tradition in the form of Farthest From Legends, presentations that will give deep insight into the wider Star Wars story

Having exploded in popularity around the same time, Star Wars and video gaming are cultural phenomenons in their own right. Star Wars itself hugely influenced video game play and every arcade, home video game company wanted capitalize on the demand.

At a time of ungoverned rapid development and growth, some borrowed a little more from Star Wars than others. Recognizable shapes and themes influenced some game play and artwork, however in others there were outright copyright infringements that are incredible by today’s standards.

This presentation takes a look at an area that has been largely undocumented by Star Wars collecting, and provides an entertaining, insightful look back to the ambiguous days of how Star Wars influenced so many video game titles.

Join us on at the 21st Farthest From Show on Sunday 1st of December to catch this amazing panel.

If you’re a fan of video games, Star Wars video games or anything Star Wars you HAVE to be there, so head on over to our Farthest From landing page, get all the details you need – if it’s not there, reach out and ask us – and we will see you for one of the very best shows of the year, bar none.