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Now, there’s no guarantee that the guest announcement will have anything to do with the galaxy far, far away but if the 2018 show was anything to go by then this will just be the first of a swathe of big time guest announcements which will undoubtedly include – as it always does – stars from the Star Wars saga.

1.00pm UK time is when the guest will be announced for the show, taking place at Olympia on 26th – 28th July. The 2018 event saw the largest congregation of Doctor Who actors ever assembled. Could Showmasters try to top that? We have the sequel to Infinity War landing, as well as Captain Marvel and Spider-Man: Far From Home heading our way, as well as Star Wars Episode IX.

Stay tuned as we will be covering all GFFA related announcements here on Fantha Tracks. This summer we were a part of the inaugural Star Wars Fandom Zone. What will the show bring us in 2019?