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This weekend will see the Mandalorian Mercs take their activities into the virtual realm as they present MercsConline, a 3 days online series of events featuring some top tier Star Wars talents as well as a number of group related activities.

With MercsConline opening this weekend, this post will provide the reader with all the information one would need to stay connected. MercsConline will take place on the main Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club Facebook page and chatrooms, hosted through our forums. Before MercsConline goes live on Friday, May 22, knowing what you are in store for is half the battle. This event will have tons of content to follow as well as special guests to answer questions from our interviewers. Behind MercsConline is a large team of enthusiastic and willing volunteers to help make this family-friendly event fun for everyone. The event will have private chat rooms where hosts will run different activities for anyone to join in. MercsConline will be made easily accessible via the Mandalorian Mercs Facebook page and the MMCC Builders Group to all attending the event.

You may ask “What is MercsConline?” or “Why host a MercsCon on the internet instead of waiting?” Well the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club has hosted a similar MercsCon event in the past in Florida. The premise of MercsCon was to bring everyone closer to each other and have a great time, be it spending time talking to each other or participating in different activities in the conference rooms. With the COVID-19 pandemic still going on, the Mandalorian Mercs decided to move this type of gathering to an online platform. MercsConline offers the same premise as MercsCon, just through an online version with special guest interviews, how-to tutorial videos, chat rooms, movie nights, and other fun stuff. The whole point of creating a version of MercsCon on the internet is so that our community can come together to enjoy a break away from everything and spend time with each other without being together. MercsConline will be hosted by volunteers all day from Friday to Sunday to bring you entertaining and instructive content.

The finalized schedule of these events can be found below. You can use this schedule to plan out your day and what activities you can or want to attend. We only ask that while attending these events you please be respectful and keep things family-friendly so that everyone has a great experience. Any offensive language, political or religious comments, bashing, inappropriate language, and off-topic material will not be tolerated, as there are families watching and participating in activities together. If there are any issues before or during MercsConline, please do not hesitate to contact the main Mandalorian Mercs Facebook page through a personal message to sort out these issues.

Here is the master schedule for use to plan your itinerary:

MercsConline Schedule

(All times listed as Eastern Standard Time)


5:00 PM- Opening Address/Welcome
5:30 PM- Virtual March
6:00 PM- Dinner with a Merc: Spicy Shrik-Hawk Stew
7:00 PM- Meet and Greet (hosted by TBD)
8:00 PM- I Married an Alien Panel
8:00 PM- Prequel Trivia (Webex Meeting Room)
9:00 PM- Our Love of All Things Star Wars: A Tour of Kaden’Dha Runi’s Star Wars Collection
9:00 PM- Main Trilogy Trivia (Webex Meeting Room)
10:00 PM- Netflix Watch Party: Solo
10:00 PM- Sequel Trivia (Webex Meeting Room)


5:00 AM- Breakfast with the Mercs- Europe
6:00 AM- The Mando Show
9:00 AM- Breakfast with the Mercs- United States
10:00 AM- How To: Basic to Intermediate Armor Making
10:30 AM- Bounty Hunt: An at Home Scavenger Hunt for the Whole Family
11:00 AM- A Chat with the Clan Admin Officer: Events, Numbers, and why you Count
11:50 AM- Chris Bartlet
12:30 PM- Michael Stanton
1:10 PM- Gene Freeman
1:50 PM- Joonas Suotamo
2:30 PM- Pete Vilmur
3:10 PM- Tait Fletcher
3:50 PM- Vanessa Marshall
4:30 PM- Dominic Pace
5:10 PM- Nikki Powers
5:30 PM- EU Pizza Party (Webex Meeting Room) Order your favorite from a local Restaurant
5:50 PM- Bill Holmes
6:30 PM- Chris Brooks
7:10 PM- ???
7:50 PM- USA Pizza Party- Order your Favorite From a Local Restaurant
9:00 PM- The Mando Show
9:00 PM- Clone Wars Trivia (Webex Meeting Room)
10:00 PM- Brigades Showcase: Take Your Kit to the Next Level
10:00 PM- The Mandalorian Trivia (Webex Meeting Room)
11:00 PM- The Mandalorian Co-watch (Webex Meeting Room)


9:00 AM- How To: Female Armor Making
9:45 AM- How To: Weathering Armor
10:15 AM- How To: 3d Printing
10:45 AM- MMCC Social Media and Website Q&A
11:15 AM- Art Process and the QM
12:00 PM- War Masters Workshop Simulcast
1:00 PM- Serving Others in the Club- Clan and Regional Officers
2:00 PM- 2019 Ori’Ramikad presentation
2:30 PM- Closing Address
3:30 PM- Virtual March and Goodbyes
***Schedule is subject to change****